p>Thousand Foot Krutch takes deep breath with raw, organic Oxygen: Inhale

Canadian Christian alt-rockers Thousand Foot Krutch say the title of the band's first new studio album in over two years—Oxygen: Inhale—is to be taken in a literal sense. “Oxygen is essential to sustaining life, and that element is at the core of [Oxygen: Inhale],” reads a news release posted on ThousandFootKrutch.com. “Oxygen is our lifeline,” says lead singer Trevor McNevan in the press announcement. “While writing, I dug deep into what ‘oxygen’ really represented. I thought about our faith, our human nature, the many different walks of life we all lead, and the fact that universally all of us breathe in and out and rely on oxygen every minute of every day to stay alive.”

McNevan goes on to describe the sound of Oxygen: Inhale on Fuel Music/Street Smart as being a “natural evolution” for the band. He says the power trio rejected all “studio trickery” the band believes has come to define much of modern music—including rock. Thousand Foot Krutch instead relied on solid performances. “We wanted to make a raw rock record,” explains McNevan. “We decided to strip away all the background sounds and popular over-production, so that what you hear are just the instruments and the voice.”

The music itself is further portrayed as having s “raw and organic feel” of something being performed in the same room. Ambient sounds such as fingers sliding along a guitar fret board are audible along with the “metallic ring of cymbals” and “vocals that sound like they’re two feet away.” Despite the band being stripped down to the core elements of guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, Oxygen: Inhale still contains “adrenaline fueled rock songs” that have become a TFK trademark.

Thousand Foot Krutch reunited with producer Aaron Sprinkle, who co-produced the band’s Phenomenon (2003), Welcome To The Masquerade (2009), and The End Is Where We Begin (2012) albums to once work alongside McNevan as co-producer. Oxygen: Inhale is the first TFK album to dare lower the volume on a few songs and “allow the melodies and words to soar,” offering longtime fans a new side of the Toronto-based outfit. “We make music for everyone,” claims McNevan, “and hopefully there’s something on this record that everyone can relate to.”

The album kicks off with the one-two punch of lead single ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Untraveled Road.’ ‘BornThis Way’ is described as a “barn burner of classic American rock n’ roll by way of Toronto,” and is currently No. 33 on the Mediabase Active Rock radio airplay chart. “This song is about being comfortable in your own skin,” reveals McNevan. “We were made to be who we are and every one of us is unique. It’s an anthem for everyone who’s tired of being someone they’re not.”

McNevan points out the lyrics on the Oxygen: Inhale songs tell a story or narrative that “reads like an open letter to the broken hearted, the lost, the abandoned and the hopeless.” He says he believes the words are as important as the melody. “The song has to say something important, to connect with the audience on a deeper level.” Thousand Foot Krutch is currently connecting with audiences by touring U.S. venues, wrapping up Nov. 9 in Lubbock, Texas. Four dates in the Russian Federation close out the year in Moscow (Nov. 23), St. Petersburg (Nov.25), Ufa (Nov. 26), and Yekaterinburg (Nov. 27).

Watch official music and lyric videos by Canadian rock trio Thousand Foot Krutch, including current single ‘Born This Way’ off new album, Oxygen: Inhale.

As A Matter of Fact…

* Toronto-area Christian rockers Thousand Foot Krutch first appeared in 1997 when Trevor McNevan (vocals), Joel Bruyere (bass, backing vocals), and Steve Augustine (drums) started putting a worship song spin on a rap-metal sound similar to Limp Bizkit and Korn.

* The band began to build buzz around its native Ontario by playing numerous shows, recording strong demos, and issuing digital releases via a website. Thousand Foot Krutch signed with Diamante and issued Set It Off in March 2001 as the band’s official debut album.

* TFK moved to the higher profile Tooth & Nail label for 2003's Phenomenon album, reflecting a more focused, rocking sound. The trio then toured with Kutless and FM Static in 2003-2004 before releasing 2005's The Art of Breaking, which adopted a more mainstream rock sound.

* In 2009, Thousand Foot Krutch entered the Billboard 200 at No. 35 with Welcome to the Masquerade, peaking at No. 2 on Christian rock radio. Since first appearing in 1997, Thousand Foot Krutch has churned out six studio albums, a live album, and two remix albums.

* Oxygen: Inhale is the follow-up to 2012’s The End Is Where We Begin, which generated five Active Rock radio singles and topped the Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart. Recording of the previous album was completely funded through a Kickstarter campaign.

* TFK singles such as ‘Let The Sparks Fly’ have appeared a background music on ESPN, WWE, and NASCAR broadcasts. The band’s music has also consistently turned up on soundtracks for adrenaline-fueled sports events, video games, and movies.

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