New Aranda album takes on classic rock elements

In 2001, two brothers from Oklahoma City, Okla., took their family name, Aranda, and used it to form a new band. Dameon and Gabe Aranda create “flawless harmonies” that accent the siblings’ rock, funk, and soul-infused sound. A self-titled breakthrough album from 2008 features the Top 30 Active Rock single, ‘Still in the Dark,’ but the album got its biggest boost when Grammy winner Kelly Clarkson covered the Aranda album tracks ‘Whyyawannabringmedown’ and ‘All I Ever Wanted.’ The latter also serves as the title track to her fourth studio album. In 2012, Aranda signed with Wind-Up Records and released second album, Stop the World, featuring Top 20 Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart hits ‘Satisfied’ and ‘One More Lie.’

New album, Not the Same, is the latest project from Aranda and Wind-Up Records. First single, 'Don't Wake Me,' is currently No. 21 on the Mediabase Active Rock airplay chart and No. 23 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs chart. The new album brings to mind bands such as the Rolling Stones and Tom Petty, creating a sound that’s a bit outside of the Aranda comfort zone. “We always loved those artists, but it never really felt like they were in our wheelhouse stylistically,” Gabe Aranda tells

Aranda says that while some of the band’s greatest influences are Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, and other R&B singers, it shouldn’t reflect the type of the music the band has done thus far. “So I think on [Not the Same] we kind of got a little more eclectic and went back a little bit to our roots and decided we want to rock, but we also want to branch out and take our fans on a journey more or less of where we came from and who we really are, you know, as musicians and singers, and kind of do it fearlessly this time,” he explains.

Aranda says working with hip-hop producer Kato brought something a little different to the table. “[The Stones and Petty] were big influences for him, and so when he kind of came into the mix … we just kind of ran with it, and really fell in love with adding that stuff into what we already did.” He adds that writing songs and making music with his brother involves an ongoing process of the two sharing life experiences. “I think getting older, moving through life and going through different experiences shapes kind of how you are as an artist,” says Aranda.

“It’s like we both have different experiences and so we come together with those almost like, sometimes you have a third person there writing with you. Because we can write from each other’s perspectives and things like that,” says Aranda. The band is preparing for upcoming live sets including 10 shows with Seether and 3 Doors Down that open July 10 in Shawnee, Okla., and wrap up July 26 in Jackson, Mississippi. Three dates with Pop Evil feature concerts in Fort Wayne, Ind. (Aug. 19), Cincinnati (Aug. 20), and Grand Rapids, Mich. (Aug. 21). Aranda is also scheduled to appear at the Louder than Life Music Festival on Oct. 3 in Louisville, Ky., with Rob Zombie, ZZ Top, Godsmack, Shine Down, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, and 3 Doors Down.

Watch a lyric video for ‘Don't Wake Me,’ the first single from the new Aranda album titled, Not the Same.

As A Matter of Fact…

* Oklahoma City, Okla., brothers Dameon and Gabe Aranda took their last name to form a group that delivers a brand of music that fuses rock, funk, and soul with the brothers’ “flawless harmonies and passionate onstage performances.”

* The Aranda brothers began writing songs, learning instruments, and singing together as children. They always knew music was going to be a major part of their lives, and spent the 1990s playing in Oklahoma City-based bands such as Image and Freewill.

* Aranda was officially formed in 2001 with drummer Armando Lopez, who left the band in 2003 to join No Justice. Mike Walker was recruited in 2004 to record The 405 Sessions, becoming a permanent member two years later when Aranda signed to Astonish Records.

* The self-titled, full-length Aranda debut album was released in April 2008, featuring the single, ‘Still in the Dark,’ which peaked at No. 31 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart. A deluxe edition of the album includes live tracks and a radio mix of ‘Whyyawannabringmedown.’

* Grammy Award-winning singer Kelly Clarkson covered Aranda’s ‘Whyyawannabringmedown’ and ‘All I Ever Wanted’ for her All I Ever Wanted album. A CD/DVD titled Aranda: Live From OKC was released the next year.

* In 2012, Aranda signed with Wind-Up Records and released second album, Stop the World, which was produced by Grammy Award-nominee Johnny K (Disturbed, Sevendust, Staind). The 10-song track list includes the Mainstream Rock hits ‘Undone,’ ‘Satisfied,’ and ‘One More Lie.’

* Aranda has toured with numerous top rock acts including The All-American Rejects, Buckcherry, Sevendust, Saliva, Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd, Theory of a Deadman, Black Stone Cherry, Halestorm, Adelitas Way, and Daughtry. Aranda joins Seether, 3 Doors Down, and Pop Evil for 2015 tour stops.

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