Iron Maiden Fans Petition To Bring Back Former Album Art Creator

Iron Maiden fans have started an online petition to bring back the graphic artist behind the band's popular Eddie the Head character. The monster was created by artist Derek Riggs, and now fans are clamoring for the return of both the artist and Eddie.

Jimmy Page Adds New Merchandise On Official Website

Jimmy Page has unveiled a selection of new merchandise on his official website. The merch includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos and mugs all bearing the artwork from his most recent release Lucifer Rising.

Metallica's Kirk Hammett Guests On Exodus' New Album

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett added a solo to "Salt in the Wound," a track cut by his former band Exodus. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Hammett said getting back in the groove with his old pals felt just fine indeed: "It felt really casual, really cool - just like it did back in 1980 when we were all just hanging out," says Hammett.

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