Red Hot Chili Peppers Are Upset Their Music Was Used For Torturing People

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have noted their discontent with the news that their music was used during torture sessions at Guantanamo Bay. Drummer Chad Smith said that the act is contrary to the band's "positive" message: "I've heard that they use more ... like, hard rock, metal ... Our music's positive man, it's supposed to make people feel good and that's ..."

Krist Novoselic Speaks On Joan Jett Playing With Nirvana

Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has opened up about the experience of playing with Joan Jett during the band's recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. "I feel we conjured the spirit of the band, and we could not have done that alone," he wrote on his blog.

Nikki Sixx Blasts Sebastian Bach For Using Skid Row Name

Nikki Sixx has publically criticized Sebastian Bach for using the moniker 'former Skid Row singer' when referring to himself. On his Sixx Sense radio show, Sixx referenced Bach using the title for his appearance on an upcoming reality television singing series. "A new celebrity singing competition is coming to TV, like we haven't had enough," he said.

Deftones Release Unreleased Track 'Smile' Featuring Late Bassist Chi Cheng

Deftones have released "Smile," a previously unreleased cut featuring the departed bass player Chi Cheng. The song was slated to feature on Eros, the album the band was working on before Chi died. Instead, they have released "Smile" on the one year anny of Chi's passing. "Chi, We miss you today and everyday," wrote the band's fronter Chino Moreno on Twitter.

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