Hells Angels Tried To Kill Mick Jagger In Retaliation For Altamont

The Hells Angels once plotted to kill Mick Jagger stemming from the band's ill-fated performance at the Altamont Speedway on December 6, 1969, where the biker gang was hired as security. After a concertgoer was murdered during the Stones performance, which ended during the third song, Jagger vowed never to use the Hell's Angels again, which understandably upset them.

Joe Walsh Won't Vote For Either Presidential Candidate

Joe Walsh has opened up about this presidential election and notes that he will not vote for either candidate. Speaking with a syndicated news source Walsh said that he plans to abstain from either major candidate, but that doesn't mean he'll sit idle this election season. "I am not for any existing candidate but I sure am going to vote on who the judges are where I live . . ."

Brian May Approves Of Elizabeth Banks' DNC Entrance

Queen star Brian May has opened up about Elizabeth Banks' use of the track "We are the Champions" during her entrance to the DNC convention over the weekend. The rock legend has previously blasted the Republican nominee for using the track without consent, but says he was fine with Banks' usage.

Motley Crue Sex Toys To Be Released This Fall

While their onstage tenure together has come to an end, Motley Crue is expanding their empire with the addition of a new line of sex toys. Manufacturer Lovehoney has announced a September debut for their Official Mötley Crüe Collection, which includes "eight powerful mini and midi-sized vibrators" that come covered in album artwork from Crüe classics.

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