Beatles And Judas Priest Announce New Vinyl For Record Story Day 2014

The Beatles and Judas Priest are among the classic rock acts to announce releases for the upcoming Black Friday Record Store Day event on November 28. The Fab Four will re-release on seven-inch vinyl the 1964 four-song collection Long Tall Sally, while Priest has planned to issue five bonus songs from the expanded edition of 2014's Redeemer of Souls on ten-inch vinyl.

Steven Tyler Talks Drug Addiction

Aerosmith fronter Steven Tyler says that without AA he would have been just another victim of substance abuse. Speaking with Billboard, Tyler shined a light on some of his darker moments. "I'm telling you all my truth. I am a drug addict and alcoholic, and fighting it every day. I had it all; I didn't care. I hurt my family and my children and my friends," he said.

Bob Seger Says 'I Don't Want To Overstay My Welcome'

Bob Seger says that fans are too eager to infer that his upcoming Ride Out tour is a farewell trek. He tells Billboard that his future on the stage and in the studio is currently uncertain. "People have said, 'Ride Out' - that sounds a little final there,' and I'm like, 'No, that's not really what I meant.' It's to ride out, clear your head . . ."

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