Pete Townshend Claims He Rejected Morrissey's Offers To Produce Two Albums

The Who guitarist Pete Townshend says that he rejected offers from Morrissey to record two albums, following the latter's departure from the Smiths. Speaking with Q, Townshend says Moz sent him a letter asking "Will you produce an album for me?" But Pete says, although he "really loves the Smiths," he said no.

BBC Settle Neil Young And The Doors Licensing Disputes

The BBC has settled a copyright dispute with a list of bands that includes Neil Young, Journey and the Doors, meaning that BBC Radio DJs once again have license to play their songs. The four acts withdrew from the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) earlier this month, and in doing so also left the BBC's collective agreement with the organization.

Alice Cooper Recalls Getting Into Argument With Kasabian Over Iraq War

Alice Cooper reveals that he was once in a bar brawl with members of Kasabian that stemmed from an argument over politics. "We were at a festival in Transylvania with Marilyn Manson and all these bands," Cooper tells NME.

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