BBC Criticized For Editing Roger Daltrey Comment

The BBC has been accused of altering the historical record, after it cut a homophobic comment from a 1980 Top of the Pops episode featuring Roger Daltrey of the Who. Prior to a performance of the Village People, Daltrey remarks "watch your backs," a comment that was edited out of recent reruns on BBC 4.

Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Reveals He Had Two Cancerous Tumors

Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson says that, in contrast to previous reports, he is recovering from having two cancerous tumors removed, not just one. The band initially told the press that Dickinson had a tumor taken off his tongue; now, Bruce, in an interview with the BBC, says he also had a tumor removed from his neck: "I had two actually . . ."

Disturbed's David Draiman Explains Quitting Social Media

Disturbed frontman David Draiman says he deactivated his Twitter account after getting harassed by his fellow users: "I'm done with social media. I'm done being anybody's punching bag," he told Sixx Sense. "I invested three, four years of solid interaction, of trying to make a difference, of trying to be a voice of reason, of trying to be something entertaining for people."

Dead Weather To Return With New Album Dodge & Burn

Jack White and his side project Dead Weather have announced their impending third album, Dodge & Burn. The group posted a three song sampler - featuring "Buzzkill(er)," "Rough Detective," "It's Just Too Bad" and "Open Up" - to Soundcloud. In a presser, the band said that it would not be touring in support of the album.

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