Scott Weiland Less Excited About Touring As He Gets Older

Scott Weiland says that he is getting less and less excited about touring the older he gets. "It's way harder," he tells Detroit Soundhouse. "We used to have marketing budgets of a couple of million dollars, now it's like $75,000. You have to spend a lot of time on the road to make up for the loss of income from selling records."

Jimmy Page To Record New Solo Album In 2016

Jimmy Page says that he plans to work on a new solo album next year, which would mark his first solo album since 1988's Outrider. "Next year I'm just going to be working on the guitar," he announced in a recent interview. "It's time for me to go out there and do a solo album - my last solo album was 1988. I haven't really milked the situation; it's time to do another one."

Jack White's Third Man Records Opening A Vinyl Pressing Plant

Jack White's record label Third Man Records is set to open its own vinyl pressing plant in Detroit. In addition to printing the label's own records, Third Man are keen to open their plant up to smaller local acts, with label co-founder Ben Blackwell telling Pitchfork "Part of the concern in this world is that vinyl can very easily turn into an exclusionary thing . . ."

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