Queen To Release Their Own Brand Of Vodka In U.K.

Queen is expanding their brand with a new premium vodka. The Freddie Mercury celebratory spirit is named Killer Queen and will be released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the band's 1974 hit single of the same name. It is produced by SPI, the same spirits producer which makes Stoli vodka.

David Bowie Confesses His Love For The Kinks

David Bowie was commissioned to write the liner notes for the upcoming Kinks 50th anny album, The Essential Kinks, and is open about professing his love for the band. Bowie excerpted from the notes on his website, "I've never heard a Kinks song that I didn't like." "Of course, from their noisy and brash beginnings, the Kinks have come to stand for some of the most enduring and heart-clutching pop of all time."

Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit Concerts To Feature Pearl Jam And Soundgarden

This year Pegi and Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit will feature Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Florence and the Machine and Tom Jones. The two-date concert, featuring acoustic only sets, goes down October 25-26 at the Bay Area's Shoreline Amphitheatre. Other acts to take the stage include Young, Norah Jones, Band of Horses and more.

Doors' Feast Of Friends Documentary Finally Sets Release Date

The 1968 Doors documentary, Feast of Friends, will be released on November 11. The movie, which features the band on their 1968 tour across the U.S., has never been released in full. "The film was done in a cinéma vérité style and features footage of the group filmed during a five-month period from mid-April to early September 1968, spanning two countries, nine states, and more than twenty cities," writes The Doors Guide of the film.

Rare Van Halen Photos Unearthed

Rare photos of Van Halen's appearance at the Rocklahoma festival on September 6, 1980 have been discovered by the Van Halen News Desk. The pics see Eddie Van Halen rocking out with fronter David Lee Roth. Also on the bill that day was future VH singer Sammy Hagar, along with Pat Benatar, and the Doobie Brothers.

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