Former Lynyrd Skynyrd Drummer Readies Biopic

Former drummer for Lynyrd Skynyrd, Artimus Pyle, has opened up about his plans for a new biopic about the band titled Free Bird. Pyle both co-wrote and produced the film and says that it helps tell some untold stories surrounding the legendary Florida band. "This film's story - MY story - is not just about the plane crash but also about my personal relationship . . ."

Jimi Hendrix Estate Wins Injunction Against Purple Haze Liqueur

The estate of Jimi Hendrix has won a partial injunction against the makers of a new liqueur brand called Purple Haze. The legend's estate filed a suit against a company called Tiger Paw Distributing LLC, who created the liqueur and added a label featuring a likeness which could only be Hendrix. The brand had allegedly partnered with Hendrix's brother Leon.

Neil Young Reveals He's A Susan Boyle Fan

Neil Young has come forward saying he's a fan of Britain's Got Talent, and more importantly, a fan of Susan Boyle. The Scottish singer stunned audiences in 2009 with her rendition of "I Dreamed A Dream," on the British reality show. Her performance received 2.5 million views on YouTube within 72 hours after the episode aired.

Steven Tyler Announces Aerosmith 2017 Farewell Tour

Steven Tyler has announced that the 2017 Aerosmith tour will be their last. Tyler said the band's farewell tour is happening because "it's time." Not wanting to give his fans false hope, he confirmed that despite his love for the rock group, "I want to squash every thought that anybody might have about this: The band's over."

Former Journey Drummer Deen Castronovo Speaks On His Sobriety

Former Journey drummer Deen Castronovo says that one-year of being sober has made him a better father, revealing that he is glad he "woke up." "You know, what's really cool is you finally realize when something like this happens, you realize what's really important," he told Ultimate Classic Rock. "Being a father is a huge, huge undertaking."

Billy Joel Sits In With His Own Tribute Band

Billy Joel fans in attendance to see tribute band Big Shot got the surprise of a lifetime when Joel himself sat in with them for a few songs. Newsday reports that Joel had been sitting in the VIP section with his wife when he came down onto the stage midway through Big Shot's set at the Paramount in the Long Island town of Huntington, New York.

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